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Welcome! has applied for participation in Google Code-In 2014. This is the page for collecting ideas for GCI.


Depending on the level of the task. Beginner level task involving BoneScript, PyBBIO and documentation may be managed with a basic knowledge of JavaScript and Python respectively.

For tasks of the higher level, participating students are expected to be able to sucessfully compile (and subsequently cross-compile) a C program. There are many resources available on the internet to that effect. Those needing further support may ask on the IRC Channel #beagle where community members will be able to guide them through this process.

Where required, students will need to buy their own hardware i.e a BeagleBone Black and any added hardware components like sensors, cameras, displays etc for testing. Due to the nature of the contest, will not be able to provide hardware to the participating students.

BoneScript Tasks

Create screencast & documentation on how to install the bonescript library on Debianor or Ubuntu

Currently there's not a step by step guide on how to install the bonescript library on the BBB if you're running a Debian or Ubuntu image. It will be necessary to create a step by step guide explaining how to do this process and create a screencast explaining the process. This is the bonescript library documentation explaining how to install it on Debian or Ubuntu. Tags: Screencast, documentation, Hardware_requiere, linux

PyBBIO Tasks

BotSpeak Tasks

BBBlfs Tasks

Repository: Mentor: vvu *Vlad Ungureanu*

Improve the README of the GitHub repository

The BeagleBone Black Linux Flashing System allows the users to use a Linux Desktop to flash the eMMC over USB. The process is fast compared to the uSD method of flashing. The current repository hosted at presents how to build and use the tool. The documentation is a bit sparse and users have problems on running the tool. The task is to improve the documentation and to make a video how to run BBBlfs.

Improve the code structure of BBBlfs

The code structure of BBBlfs is spread around multiple files that are packed with C structs. The tasks would be to reorganize the structure and to eliminate all compilation warnings.

Qt UI for BBBlfs

The task is to design an UI for the upcoming BBBlfs desktop application. It should be compatible with Windows/OS X/Linux. The interface should be minimalistic and should offer the user the following options:

  • Download the image to be flashed from the website
  • Allow the user to construct an image with custom kernel, ramdisk and bootloader
  • Allow the user to stop booting in different stages
  • Allow the user to open a serial link to the board directly from the application

BARD Tasks

BeagleLogic Tasks

Documentation Tasks

Create screencast & modify documentation showing how to update software image

Currently there's only this oficial documentation showing how to update the board. The idea is to modified this documentation a more user friendly and add the section explaining how to update the image using a linux distribution. When the documentation is a done, create 2 screencast explaining the process. One screencast is for windows users and the other for linux users. Tags: Screencast, documentation, Hardware_requiere, linux


Google Code-In does not have a specific concept of mentors as Google Summer of Code does. However you can contact any one of these for any help related to the work.

Name IRC nickname Native language Other languages Timezone Software help Hardware help Focus projects
Jason Kridner jkridner English - US Eastern JavaScript, C, u-boot wiring, timing diagrams, basic debug BoneScript development
Kumar Abhishek Abhishek_ English - GMT +7 C, Kernel, PRU Circuits, PCB Design, Debugging BeagleLogic
Vlad Ungureanu vvu Romanian English GMT+1 C, Android, Kernel USB BBBlfs, BARD
Diego Turcios DiegoTc Spanish English GMT-6 Bone101, bonescript, documentation, translation Wiring, Basic circuits Bone101