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This is the BeagleBoard specific page for Google Summer of Code. was accepted as a mentoring organization for 2010 and is looking for apply again in 2013. is currently recruiting mentors to assist with the ideas page and students to submit applications for BeagleBoard related projects.

Here are some links to help students with their applications:


Key Dates for 2011

  • Mentoring organizations application window is February 28-March 11.
  • Continue to provide your Ideas page updates right up to the March 18 publishing of accepted mentoring organizations.
  • Student discussion window March 18-March 27.
  • Student application window March 28-April 8.
  • Mentors review and rank student proposals before April 22.
    • All mentors must be signed up and all student proposals matched with a mentor
    • IRC meeting to resolve any outstanding duplicate accepted students - 19:00 UTC #gsoc
  • Accepted proposals published April 25.
  • Students and mentors work together on refining the task definition and solution April 25-May 23.
  • First half project execution May 23-July 11.
  • Mid-term evaluations done July 11-15.
  • Second half project execution July 15-August 15.
  • Final evaluations done August 22-26.
  • Final results announced August 29.
  • Student code sample submission beings August 30.
  • Mentor Summit at Google will be held October 22-23.