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This is the BeagleBoard specific page for Google Summer of Code. has applied to be a mentoring organization for 2018 and is recruiting mentors and students.

Prospective mentors are requested to assist with the ideas page, add themselves to the list, join the mailing list and contact Jason Kridner to be invited to be a mentor on Google's tool.

Students are requested to engage possible mentors and may begin submitting applications for BeagleBoard related projects starting now. We had great success with our projects in 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and we want 2019 to be out of this world.

Students - Please engage with us now to help make your application strong!

Here are some links to help students with their applications:


Key Dates for 2020

January 14 19:00 UTC Mentoring organizations can begin submitting applications to Google
February 5 19:00 UTC Mentoring organization application deadline
February 5 - February 19 Google program administrators review organization applications
February 20 18:00 UTC List of accepted mentoring organizations published
February 20 - March 16 Potential student participants discuss application ideas with mentoring organizations
March 16 18:00 UTC Student application period begins
March 31 18:00 UTC Student application deadline
April 14 18:00 UTC Student slot requests due from Org Admins
April 23 18:00 UTC Student Project selections due from Org Admins
April 27 18:00 UTC Accepted student projects announced
Community Bonding Period Students get to know mentors, read documentation, get up to speed to begin working on their projects
May 18 Coding officially begins!
June 15 18:00 UTC Mentors and students can begin submitting Phase 1 evaluations
June 19 18:00 UTC Phase 1 Evaluation deadline
Work Period Students work on their project with guidance from Mentors
July 13 18:00 UTC Mentors and students can begin submitting Phase 2 evaluations
July 17 18:00 UTC Phase 2 Evaluation deadline
Work Period Students continue working on their project with guidance from Mentors
August 10 - 17 18:00 UTC Final week: Students submit their final work product and their final mentor evaluation
August 17 - 24 18:00 UTC Mentors submit final student evaluations
August 25 Final results of Google Summer of Code 2020 announced
October Mentor Summit