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This is the BeagleBoard specific page for Google Summer of Code. has been accepted as a mentoring organization and is looking for students to submit applications for Beagleboard related projects.

Here are some links to help students with their applications:


Key Dates for 2010

  • Mentoring organization application window March 8-12.
  • Continue to provide your Ideas page updates right up to the March 18 publishing of accepted mentoring organizations.
  • Student discussion window March 18-March 29.
  • Student application deadline April 9.
  • Student ranking/scoring deadline April 21.
  • Accepted proposals published April 26.
  • Students and mentors work together on refining the task definition and solution April 26-May 24.
  • First half project execution May 24-July 12.
  • Mid-term evaluations due July 16.
  • Second half project execution July 13-August 9.
  • Final evaluations due August 20.