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Project: Pulse Width Modulation

Student: Varun Jewalikar

Mentors: Søren Steen Christensen, Cristina Murillo



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The main aim of this project will be to provide a high level interface for the Pulse Width Modulation output pins of the OMAP3 found on the BeagleBoard. Another aim will be to push this driver upstream(the Linux-OMAP tree). Two applications will be developed to demonstrate the use of this driver:

  • Motor control using PWM signals generated by the BeagleBoard using the PWM driver.
  • Writing a glue layer for ALSA to communicate with the PWM driver and output sound from the PWM output pins.

Build and Run instructions

  • Clone my git tree for the driver.This can be done using the following commands:
git clone git://
cd omap3-pwm/branch -b branch
  • A cross compiling environment will be needed for compiling the driver. Instructions below work with OpenEmbedded but can adapted for codesourcery as well.