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Project: BeaglePilot 2.0: Making Underwater Drones

{{#ev:youtube|<youtube ID>||right|<Project Name>}} The aim of the project is to create an open hardware underwater vehicle based on BeagleBone Black. The project will involve using the OpenROV code base and the APM, to provide autopilot capabilities. ROS will be used as a bridge (mavros) to interface with the APM. The project will enable hobbyists to get access to a low cost, easy to use and open hardware underwater vehicle platform with autopilot capabilities which they can modify according to their needs and requirements.

Project: Android-based Remote Display

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The goal of the project is to develop an audio driver and a USB mouse and keyboard driver which will allow an android device to work as a USB input device and USB speaker. At the same time another focus will be to improve the framebuffer device driver which allows an android application to act as an USB display. Successful completion of this project will give support of multiple cape and peripherals in a single gadget. Also as part of the project, an android application will be developed which will work as a helper module in android side to use the above mentioned device drivers.

Project: Bone101

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I'll continue what Diego start last year for making a good reliable platform for newbie to make there own BBB tutorials using BoneScript lib and share it with the others. BBUI is one of the main feature that should be implemented this year which will allow users to test there code before uploading it to the board through a live running demo. There are also some issues with the current design I'm going to work on, and add more feature to enhance UX wiht Bone101.