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Project: BeagleBoot

{{#ev:youtube|/rlj-k4zyPN0||right|Intro Video: BeagleBoot - Google Summer of Code 2018 under}} Integrate node-beagle-boot to Etcher and add features like U-boot console on boot up, TCT/IP proxy server, grab latest images from to BeagleBoot (electron app), developed last year during GSoC.

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Project: Fixing Bugs in BoneScript and Improve BeagleBone UI

{{#ev:youtube|ZKOccMBiL5s||right|Fixing Bugs in BoneScript and Improve BeagleBone UI GSoC 2018 Intro Video}} BoneScript is an existing Node.js library specifically optimized for the Beagle family and featuring familiar Arduino function calls, exported to the browser.The BoneScript library provides several functions for easy interaction with hardware which otherwise would have required the users to manipulate the SysFs files directly(assuming use of no other libraries),which is obviously confusing for a beginner-level user. BoneScript library even though being widely used by BeagleBone users has compatibility issues across boards, some bugs and unfinished features.The primary aim of my project is to solve most of the open issues reported and add some more features which will be of benefit to the users. A secondary objective of my project is to add Improvements to the BeagleBone User Interface to provide a similar interface for PocketBeagle that can also support the BaconBits cape examples, so as to provide PocketBeagle beginners a Graphical User Interface from which they can try out the example codes easily(similar to BBUI). Detailed Proposal at :

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Project: Modern Speak and Spell using PocketBeagle

{{#ev:youtube|N7utUIQZjM0I||right|Modern Speak and Spell using PocketBeagle GSoC 2018 Intro Video }} This project is basically to re-brain the previous Speak and Spell by Texas Instruments, and generate open source code for it . This is a Linux application which can be reproduced. The added features include offline speech recognition...using CMU provide more robust features. Here I am working to reproduce the games with added features to appeal to the present day children... specifically the preschoolers. This almost totally a software project...only to be deployed in a PocketBeagle...with some wiring to be done...and display to be enhanced. My future goal is to extend this project to other that this wonderful device can be used more extensively.

Project: Update to PyPRUSS - Python API for the PRUs

{{#ev:youtube|vHxpa6JwqqI||right|Intro Video - Update to PyPRUSS - GSoC 2018 project under}} The PyPRUSS is a python binding/API for controlling the PRUs . It provides an easy to use python-based interface for loading firmware, controlling execution and interrupts/memory management for the PRUs, therefore shortening the learning curve for users new to PRU programming. Currently, the PyPRUSS uses PASM for its examples and communicates using the older Userspace IO (UIO) Driver. The goal of this project is to update the API to use the remoteproc/rpsmg interfaces for interacting with the PRUs, port the existing examples to gnupru since PASM is no longer supported by TI) and add DMA Support to the API, since it will enable the users to program both the PRUs for their application, instead of reserving one for ARM-PRU communication(as needed in case of rpmsg).

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Project: Sonic Anemometer

{{#ev:youtube|uj8lO8G9QYU||right|GSoC 2017 - BeagleBoot}} Write program for PRU present in BeagleBoard and to create a portable device able to measure the wind speed and temperature reliably in outdoor environments.It delivers the result by analyzing the time of flight or phase difference of sound waves between two points, deliver the final results in terms of ambient Temperature,Wind speed and direction.Considering the costs of commercial products available at this time in market, this open source project would provide a very useful and reliable anemometer to help universities and students/hobbyists during their meteorological research by providing them results in real time and format that can be further processed by user using languages like python etc.

Project: BeagleBoard/GSoC/BeagleBone PRU DMA

{{#ev:youtube|H4Bywj-rr74||right|BeagleBone PRU DMA}} Most of existing PRU applications utilize (waste) one PRU core for data transfer. The goal of this project is to enable usage of EDMA controller for copying of data to and from main memory (DDR), which would allow applications to use both cores for computation.