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Reference Design For A GPIO-based Parallel Bi-Directional Bus

Student: Pranav Kumar
Mentors: Andrew Henderson, Zubeen Tolani


Create a hardware/software design will incorporate shift registers (and potentially logic level converter solutions as appropriate) to allow hardware to communicate with hardware via a parallel, bi-directional bus.

Tasks Done

I have completed the task required as described on the ideas page, and created a pull request, as listed here

About Me

IRC: pranav_kumar
E-Linux Username: pranav083 School: UIET,Panjab University,Chandigarh
Country: IndiaIndia
Primary language: English,Hindi
Typical work hours: 9:30 - 23:00 IST GMT/EST/PST to Ist Adjusted Time
Previous GSoC participation: Skills: C,Python,ROS,OpenCV,Embeddded C,Electronics Prototying

Tools(proficient) : Git,Linux

Experience : C,Python,Java,HTML,CSS,JavaScript,Arduino

Hardware Skills : Atmel chip, Raspberry Pi,ICs,Circuit Designing,I2C

Reference Design For A GPIO-based Parallel Bi-Directional Bus

Project name: Reference Design For A GPIO-based Parallel Bi-Directional Bus


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Detailed Description

Progress till now


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Final Goals:


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Future Contributions

I will be active in the community, contributing to more open-source projects, gaining more valuable experience, and help newcomers get acquainted with beaglebone in general, the way I was helped when I first asked out in the group.