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Reference Design For A GPIO-based Parallel Bi-Directional Bus

Student: Pranav Kumar
Mentors: Andrew Henderson, Zubeen Tolani


Create a hardware/software design will incorporate shift registers (and potentially logic level converter solutions as appropriate) to allow hardware to communicate with hardware via a parallel, bi-directional bus.

Tasks Done

I have completed the task required as described on the ideas page, and created a pull request, as listed here

About Me

IRC: pranav_kumar
E-Linux Username: pranav083 School: UIET,Panjab University,Chandigarh
Country: IndiaIndia
Primary language: English,Hindi
Typical work hours: 9:30 - 23:00 IST GMT/EST/PST to Ist Adjusted Time
Previous GSoC participation: Skills: C,Python,ROS,OpenCV,Embeddded C,Electronics Prototying

Tools(proficient) : Git,Linux

Experience : C,Python,Java,HTML,CSS,JavaScript,Arduino

Hardware Skills : Atmel chip, Raspberry Pi,ICs,Circuit Designing,I2C

Reference Design For A GPIO-based Parallel Bi-Directional Bus

Project name: Reference Design For A GPIO-based Parallel Bi-Directional Bus


project overview

Detailed Description

Progress till now

First of all ,I studied the internal mapping of the PRU in the pocket Beagle I am able to interface swift register with the pocketBeagle And working


Community Bonding Period

Week 1 : Milestone #1
Week 2 : Milestone #2
Week 3 : Milestone #3
Week 4 : Milestone #4
Week 5 : Milestone #5
Week 6 : Milestone #6
Week 7 : Milestone #7
Week 8 : Milestone #8
Week 9 : Milestone #9
Week 10 : Milestone #10
Week 11 : Milestone #11
Week 12 : Milestone #12
Week 13 : Milestone #13
Week 14 : Milestone #14

Final Goals:


As i am from Electronics background and always involved in creating in making projects related to micro-controller .I like to learn new things in my day to day life .I have made 3D printer that work both as 2D printerusing the hardware modules of 3d printer that can work in both

Previous Contributions to Open-Source

  • Take the initiative to have an Open-Source Community section of India on OSRF official ROS-Discourse so that people can openly know to each other.
  • Making a lighter and less complex multi functional line Following algorithm using FSM that is easy to implement and build.
  • Lead the team of NGO making projects for school going children with full DIY guide and Documentation Github .
  • Making short script for login into our university wifi Github Link.

Contributions to this project

Their was no upstream repository for this project.So,I make one and started contributing to it by starting from interfacing shift regiters github.And for this project I have created another repository on github


  • Participated in Hacktober fest
  • Suggesting an efficient prototype of Harvester at eYIC ,IIT Bombay(Country level competition)Docs.
  • Won PocketBeagle from Mouser electronics event at IIT Roorkee,India.



What community members speak

After making this project for the community ,I am looking forward to work more with the hardware-software integrated project and want to help pocketbeagle to made easy to use in project for newbies.

Future Contributions

I will be active in the community, contributing to more open-source projects, gaining more valuable experience, and help newcomers get acquainted with beaglebone in general, the way I was helped when I first asked out in the group.