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A short summary of the idea will go here.

Student: Sanuj Kulshrestha
Mentors: Jason Kridner
Code: -
GSoC: -


This project is currently just a proposal. But trying my best to have a start before proposal submission deadline - 31 March 2020 11:30 pm (IST).


The Hello World Application was Cross-Compiled using linaro arm-linux-gnueabihf- toolchain (and tested on BeagleBone Black Rev A6) and Pull Request #136 was generated.

About me

IRC: sanujkul
Github: sanujkul
LinkedIn: sanujkul
School: Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi, India
Country: India
Primary language: English
Typical work hours (We have mentors in various time zones): 8:30AM-3:30PM US EDT (6:00PM-1:00AM Indian Standard TIme)
Software Skills: C, C++, Embedded C, Embedded Linux, Java, Programming BeagleBone, TI Launchpads, and other MCUs, Intel Assembly Language and VHDL.
Hardware Skills: I2C, SPI, UART, PWM, ADC, GPIO basic wiring and PCB designing & fabrication, using tools like DSO, multimeter etc.
Previous GSoC participation: I don't have any previous GSOC participation. I want to participate in GSoC to contribute to the BeagleBoard Community and also the challenge this opportunity provide will help me sharpen my skills, learn things that I may not have learned and experience of collaborating with other fellows around the world. Working for the project idea for the application has proved how interesting this project will be.

About my project

Project name: Greybus over 802.15.4


In 10-20 sentences, what are you making, for whom, why and with what technologies (programming languages, etc.)? (We are looking for open source SOFTWARE submissions.)


Provide a development timeline with a milestone each of the 11 weeks and any pre-work. (A realistic timeline is critical to our selection process.)

2020-04-27: Community Bonding Period

  • Introductory Youtube video

2019-05-18: Milestone #1
2019-05-25: Milestone #1
2020-06-1: Milestone #2
2019-06-8: Milestone #3
2019-06-15: First evaluation milestone
2019-06-22: Milestone #5
2019-06-29: Milestone #6
2019-07-6: Milestone #7
2019-07-13: Second evaluation milestone
2019-07-20: Milestone #9
2019-07-27: Milestone #10
2019-08-03: Coding completion milestone
2019-08-10: Project finishes

  • Completion Youtube video

Experience and approach


1. Lead Electronics Department in CanSat Competition 2019 organised by American Astronautical Society in association with NASA where we designed, build and launched a can-sized satellite that had to perform operations like telemetry, auto-gyro landing, etc. during its descent.
2. As Team Leader of ARES Robotics, NSIT, we build Mars rover prototypes to compete in Rover challenge like University Rover Challenge, Mars Desert Research Station, Utah.
3. College Rank 1 with aggregate CGPA 9.499 (out of 10).
4. Besides academics for gaining knowledge, I have completed and still study from several MOOCs.
5. Have an offer of an internship with Texas Instruments, Banglore.



What will you do if you get stuck on your project and your mentor isn’t around?


If successfully completed, what will its impact be on the community? Include quotes from community members who can be found on and


Is there anything else we should have asked you?