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Weekly reports

  1. All weekly reports will be sent to the forum (as that is our primary support venue outside of live chat) on a single thread (to avoid e-mail thrash).
  2. They must be sent on Monday to allow for mentors to respond ahead of Wednesdays IRC meeting where all blockers will be discussed live.
  3. They must include the following sections:
    • Accomplishments
    • Resolutions to blockers
    • On-going blockers
    • Plans for the next week


Project Contributor Mentors Videos Reports Code Documentation
elinux gsoc Krishna Narayanan Archisman Dey, Kumar Abhishek, Pratim Ugale, Vedant Paranjape intro weekly repo blog
elinux gsoc Harshil Bhatt Jason Kridner, Deepak Khatri, Tim Orling, Vaishnav Achath intro weekly repo blog
elinux gsoc Ezra Pierce Giulio Moro, Jack Armitage, Victor Shepardson intro weekly repo [ blog]
elinux gsoc Kai Yamada Jason Kridner, Tim Orling, Deepak Khatri [ intro] weekly repo blog