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* drinkcat: http://beagleboard-usbsniffer.blogspot.com/
* drinkcat: http://beagleboard-usbsniffer.blogspot.com/
* cfriedt: http://gsoc2010-fftw-neon.blogspot.com/
* cfriedt: http://gsoc2010-fftw-neon.blogspot.com/
* varun: http://beagleboard-pwm.blogspot.com/
==Future meetings==
==Future meetings==

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  • boards
  • repositories
  • blogging and weekly reports - how, where and what
  • future meetings
  • shirt sizes
  • bonding - enough and how to improve, including best practices from other orgs
  • wrap-up - review any missed agenda items


  • Goal was to have C4 boards and cables to all students by last week.
  • maltanar got a board.
  • Pramod got a board, but was not in attendance to confirm.
  • drinkcat (Nicolas) already has a 5V adapter and IDC10-DB9 cable.
  • varunPWM needs a 5V adapter, IDC10-DB9 cable and a XDS100v2 (if possible).
  • TobiasArrskog needs a 5V adapter.
  • cfriedt already has the needed power adapter and cables.
  • Action: jkridner: provide e-mail of all shipping addresses summarized to cwicks
  • Action: jkridner: see if we can get some XDS100v2's, especially for students doing kernel work



Future meetings

  • Action: jkridner: will provide wiki link and agenda outline ahead of every meeting.
  • Action: jkridner: will send out reminder e-mail on beagleboard-gsoc 1 hour ahead of the meeting.
  • Action: jkridner: will create a sharable Google Calendar entry.

Shirt sizes

  • Action: jkridner: log here what was reported on IRC
  • Action: ALL: review this page in 24 hours for accuracy/completeness