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  • koen
  • Jefro
  • ppoudel
  • ssc
  • Katie
  • av500
  • Crofton
  • cfriedt
  • topfs2
  • notzed
  • maltanar
  • mru
  • drinkcat
  • eFfeM_work


  • Hardware review
  • Weekly reports
  • Lightning Talks
  • Problems building project
  • Blog titles not showing up in email
  • Documentation on the wiki



  • neo01124 still needs an XDS100v2 - no update

Weekly Reports

  • jkridner1 (Jason) to evaluate Yahoo Pipes,, and - continued to next week, low priority

Lightning Talks

  • several students have submitted/uploaded or will today
  • some need more than 5 minutes, is that ok?
  • students should put link to uploaded presentations on their project page
  • Q&A Weds, proposed same time slot as this meeting (2pm UTC = 7am PDT, 9am CDT, 4pm Europe time) on #beagleboard-gsoc

Problems building project

  • ppoudel resolved namespace issues, has repository
  • maltanar has some runtime issues
  • Be sure to escalate any problems building your project.

Documentation on the wiki

  • Students should upload instructions to build each project on those subpages, or link to repositories.
  • Basic build details are most important for now, descriptive & usage stuff to come, talk to Jefro w/any probs


  • [Jefro] follow up with jkridner re XDS100v2 for neo01124
  • [Jefro] determine deliverables for the mid-term in July - evals? code? documentation?
  • [all] Lightning Talks Q&A weds 1400UTC #beagleboard-gsoc


(07:03:09 AM) The topic for #beagleboard-gsoc is: Google Summer of Code (07:03:13 AM) ssc [c05b3c0a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room. (07:03:25 AM) ssc: Hi - Sorry for being a bit late (07:03:31 AM) Jefro: good morning all (07:03:38 AM) maltanar: greetings (07:03:54 AM) ppoudel: good morning (07:05:16 AM) topfs2: morning (07:05:31 AM) mru: greetings, earthlings (07:06:25 AM) koen: ah, Jefro is here now :) (07:06:31 AM) koen: at least one volunteer less needed (07:06:52 AM) Jefro: :) (07:07:00 AM) Jefro: no jkridner yet? (07:07:10 AM) katie: jkridner is on a plane (07:07:12 AM) av500: on a plane (07:07:21 AM) ***av500 hopes no snakes (07:07:40 AM) topfs2: hell that was a bad movie :S (07:07:51 AM) Jefro: I think he lives on planes (07:08:14 AM) cfriedt: i'm so sick of flying... (07:08:48 AM) Crofton: heh (07:08:52 AM) Crofton: I am in frankfurt .... (07:09:04 AM) Crofton: you are in Canada again? (07:09:11 AM) notzed: flying gets old very fast (07:09:30 AM) Crofton: especially with several fussy kids nearby .... (07:09:50 AM) koen: topfs2: I use SOAP to test dvd playback on beagle :) (07:10:10 AM) cfriedt: me, yea... (07:10:22 AM) topfs2: koen, you share a dvd drive to the beagle? (07:10:26 AM) ***notzed sees a dog, a sudsy bath and a shiny disk in his minds eye (07:10:31 AM) koen: topfs2: usb dvd drive (07:10:58 AM) topfs2: isn't soap that internet thingy? (07:11:11 AM) ***Jefro doesn't fly much any more (07:11:43 AM) Jefro: should we get started? taking roll call from banter, still missing a few (07:12:15 AM) ***maltanar is here (07:12:20 AM) drinkcat: here (07:12:25 AM) Jefro: drinkcat, cmurillo, eFfeM_work (07:12:29 AM) Jefro: ah, hello drinkcat (07:12:47 AM) ***topfs2 here (07:12:50 AM) cmurillo: Jefro: morning! (07:12:51 AM) ***katie here (07:13:04 AM) Jefro: good morning! (UGT) (07:13:10 AM) ppoudel: ppoudel here (07:14:03 AM) Jefro: roll call going once.. going twice.. need another 30 sec to put agenda together (07:14:40 AM) cfriedt: present (07:15:07 AM) eFfeM_work: hey Jefro, i'm here (07:16:10 AM) koen: Jefro: gm! (07:16:27 AM) Crofton: I'm here, for now at least (07:16:40 AM) Crofton: I need to catch a bus about 5 (07:16:44 AM) Jefro: ok, thanks - agenda now at (07:16:54 AM) Jefro: it looks very suspiciously like last week's agenda (07:17:14 AM) eFfeM_work: :-) (07:17:16 AM) Jefro: now adding eFfeM_work, think I got everyone else (07:17:57 AM) Jefro: shall we start with hardware? last week neo01124 needed an XDS100v2 (07:18:28 AM) ssc: I haven't heard anything more about that, and it seems, that he unfortunately isn't here today (07:19:04 AM) av500: he was on irc ~2h ago (07:19:11 AM) Jefro: ok - will continue to next week. I'll also take an action to mention it to jkridner to see what we can do. (07:20:01 AM) Jefro: I also have down "drinkcat isn't familiar with hardware JTAG-based debugging tools", any progress? (07:20:40 AM) drinkcat: I don't need one (07:21:03 AM) mru: :-) (07:21:12 AM) Jefro: check (07:21:41 AM) Jefro: I like bullet items that are easy to check off the list (07:22:21 AM) Jefro: speaking of which, I'm just going to buzz through this agenda and then we can come back to anything that needs more discussion (07:22:51 AM) maltanar: sounds good :) (07:23:04 AM) Jefro: I don't think jkridner has evaluated any new tools for the Weekly Reports, but that is a low priority item - will just continue to next week (07:23:05 AM) eFfeM_work: ok (07:23:23 AM) Jefro: The Lightning Talks are much more pressing. Has anyone sent in a talk yet? (07:23:33 AM) drinkcat: where do we need to send them? (07:23:44 AM) topfs2: and what to send them as (07:23:49 AM) maltanar: I've mailed mine to my mentors, jkridner and one more person whose mail I didn't recognize (07:24:04 AM) maltanar: can't access youtube, so someone else will have to upload mine for me (07:24:19 AM) koen: maltanar: can you access vimeo? (07:24:27 AM) maltanar: hmm, I think so, let me check (07:24:28 AM) ppoudel: I will send it after the meeting. (07:24:42 AM) topfs2: I have audio and a presentation, have you others sent video? (07:24:43 AM) maltanar: koen: yes, I appearantly can :) (07:24:49 AM) koen: what do people think of using the lightning talk movies to send a summary to the main beagle list? (07:24:50 AM) topfs2: i.e. readily done video? (07:25:05 AM) maltanar: I used Windows Movie Maker to put a video together (07:25:15 AM) topfs2: goodie, I'll do that quick and send it then (07:25:18 AM) ***maltanar puts on asbestos clothes (07:25:55 AM) drinkcat: topfs2: I have a video too (managed to do it with ffmpeg/mencoder somehow) (07:26:15 AM) Jefro: maltanar LOL - note that in industry, people normally use the tools they need to get jobs done. (07:26:36 AM) Jefro: very glad to see the activity around videos, jkridner will be most pleased (07:26:54 AM) maltanar: mine was about 7 minutes though - will that be a problem? (07:27:07 AM) ppoudel: I tried "camtasia ", seem to work good for this lightinig talk. (07:27:07 AM) av500: drinkcat: extra bonus points for using ffmpeg (07:27:07 AM) koen: Jefro: I thought in the industry you'd turn it into a stretch goal, mumble about ROI and forget about it? (07:27:10 AM) Jefro: it would be good to cut it down to 5, as most Lightning Talks are limited that way (07:27:32 AM) Jefro: koen ha.. depends on the company. the ones where I worked that did that aren't around any more. (07:27:54 AM) drinkcat: Jefro: Well, I have 6.30, in the worst case, I'll accelerate the video..... (07:28:20 AM) Jefro: drinkcat ROFL - you'll look very excited about your project (and like you had too much coffee) (07:28:37 AM) topfs2: Well mine is 4 or something so you can have a miniute :) (07:28:48 AM) drinkcat: topfs2: thanks, lol (07:29:40 AM) Jefro: in my experience, there is often a lull in the middle of most presentations that contains some material to cut. if you desperately need 6 or 7 minutes, it is possible they'll give it to you, but normally in Lightning talks (as in Ignite! talks) anything over 5 minutes is simply cut. (07:29:58 AM) Jefro: we'll have to ask Jason, as he runs these talks (07:30:21 AM) drinkcat: "Duration should only be 5 minutes."... I see should, not MUST ,-) (07:30:38 AM) Jefro: drinkcat yep - it definitely depends on the person running the show. (07:30:38 AM) maltanar: I had noticed there were some in the previous years which went for ~8 mins and thought it wouldn't matter, but I can try to snip off things here and there in the other case (07:31:10 AM) Jefro: maltanar really? I only attended the one last fall and didn't see any that long. (07:31:21 AM) Jefro: I suggest not sweating too much about it. (07:31:33 AM) Jefro: jkridner proposed a Q&A on this channel on Weds (07:31:36 AM) eFfeM_work: speed it up, everyone think you're donald duck (07:32:08 AM) Jefro: no time was announced - if this time slot works on Weds, I'll propose that. (07:32:13 AM) ppoudel: Is is this channel or on beagle? (07:32:22 AM) ppoudel: Is it* (07:32:34 AM) Jefro: for the lightning talks I would think here rather than in the main channel (07:32:52 AM) Jefro: unless there is something that would be of benefit for the other 200 chatters to read (07:32:55 AM) av500: main channel might have too much noise at the same time (07:33:09 AM) av500: we can still invite ppl over (07:33:32 AM) Jefro: yep (07:35:07 AM) Jefro: excellent - can't wait to see your presentations (07:35:10 AM) topfs2: isn't the point to get people interested? (07:35:22 AM) topfs2: i.e. normal people? (07:35:37 AM) drinkcat: topfs2: define "normal people" (07:35:44 AM) ***mru feels normal (07:35:53 AM) topfs2: "normal" as in those in #beagle aswell :) (07:35:58 AM) Jefro: topfs2 yes, but this q&a is for working out details & problems. we can announce the talks to the "normal people" when they are done, and hopefully get them to come to the Lightning Talks. (07:36:07 AM) topfs2: ooh, ok (07:37:10 AM) Jefro: anything more on lightning talks? be sure to put links to uploaded videos on your project page (07:37:30 AM) drinkcat: where do we need to send them? (07:38:17 AM) ppoudel: Are we going to upload it ourself or send to jkridner? (07:38:33 AM) Jefro: if you have a video, it is probably best to upload it to youtube or vimeo and just send a link (07:39:03 AM) Jefro: (if you have trouble with either of those, let me know) (07:39:29 AM) Jefro: if you have slides & audio, you can probably just send them to jkridner and your mentor(s) (07:39:30 AM) ppoudel: Jefro: sure. (07:39:51 AM) Jefro: anyone planning to do it live? (07:41:08 AM) Jefro: the time of day is not great for Europe (07:41:23 AM) maltanar: when will it be? (07:42:08 AM) ***Jefro tries to check... (07:42:35 AM) drinkcat: 4pm? Not too bad for Europe... (07:42:44 AM) Jefro: I can't find a link to the date, but believe it is during the business day in the US, probably 9am - 4pm (drinkcat, got a link?) (07:43:10 AM) Jefro: probably not bad if you normally work & stay up late (07:43:12 AM) drinkcat: sorry I thought it would be the same time as this meeting (07:44:02 AM) Jefro: 9am Texas time is... 2pm zulu, I think (07:44:54 AM) drinkcat: well, if you move it earlier, then it's too early for US... (07:45:19 AM) Jefro: yep. (this meeting starts at 7am for me) (07:45:32 AM) Crofton left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving). (07:45:45 AM) ssc: I will unfortunately have to leave as well within 10-15 minutes (07:46:58 AM) Jefro: ssc no prob, I think we are getting close to the finish line (07:47:25 AM) Jefro: moving on unless anyone has anything more about lightning talks (07:47:37 AM) Jefro: any problems building that we can hammer out here? (07:47:52 AM) koen: Jefro: it's now 16:47 in most of europe (07:48:28 AM) av500: 48 (07:48:41 AM) Jefro: koen thanks (07:49:39 AM) eFfeM_work: have to leave now, sry, later (& will read log) (07:49:54 AM) Jefro: no prob, thanks eFfeM_work (07:50:02 AM) Jefro: ppoudel, you reported namespace issues last week, were those resolved? (07:50:14 AM) ppoudel: I am good (07:50:21 AM) ppoudel: resolved it (07:50:54 AM) maltanar: I broke some pieces of C6RunApp while integrating my own changes, but I'll fix them this week (07:51:48 AM) Jefro: ppoudel great, glad to hear (07:52:02 AM) Jefro: maltanar breaking the build is pretty common in the early stages (07:52:04 AM) ppoudel: Jefro: Thanks (07:52:26 AM) maltanar: not really build issues - it builds fine but C I/O won't work (07:52:52 AM) maltanar: probably something about DSP/Link config or calling something at the wrong time (07:52:53 AM) Jefro: runtime issues, fun  :) (07:52:58 AM) av500: ppoudel: btw, nice for being one of the 1st ppl on the BB writing dsplink/CE code :) (07:53:13 AM) av500: finally I have an url to point ppl to... (07:53:21 AM) av500: so, please make good docs :) (07:53:59 AM) Jefro: yes, definitely. for those who don't know, I am actually a technical writer rather than a developer, and I'd be happy to help with any documentation issues. (07:54:01 AM) ppoudel: av500: oh is it? I did not know. thanks (07:54:53 AM) ppoudel: av500: Ya sure. I will give my best shot. (07:55:56 AM) ppoudel: Jefro: Thats a good news for us. Most of the time it takes hours for me to write simple stuff. I may need your help sometime. (07:56:14 AM) Jefro: ppoudel I'd be happy to help (07:56:38 AM) ppoudel: Jefro: Thanks (07:57:00 AM) Jefro: getting close to the end of our time. any other build issues? (07:57:38 AM) Jefro: silence is golden :) (07:58:01 AM) koen: av500: don't forget iUniversal (07:58:24 AM) av500: koen: yep (07:58:36 AM) Jefro: the only other agenda item is a reminder to spend a little quality time with your projects page. all of them are linked at and all should at this point have basic build instructions, or a link to them on your own page. (07:59:15 AM) notzed: mid terms are coming up too ... (07:59:55 AM) Jefro: notzed midterms are one of the things I don't miss from college :) (08:00:29 AM) ssc: Have to leave - See you - SSC (08:00:34 AM) ssc left the room. (08:00:41 AM) Jefro: bye ssc (08:01:00 AM) notzed: fortunately, i don't think there's anything i miss from uni (08:01:35 AM) Jefro: I'm glad to see basic documentation in most of the pages. take a look at the USB Sniffer page for a test table also, very nice (08:01:44 AM) koen: indeed (08:02:11 AM) drinkcat: what are the deliverables for the midterm? code, and build instructions for sure. Some documentation as well? (08:02:12 AM) topfs2: Got to love sweden uni, rarely have mid terms :) (08:02:19 AM) mru: :-) (08:02:29 AM) mru: topfs2: which uni are you in? (08:02:30 AM) cfriedt: midterms are sometimes a good thing (08:02:41 AM) Jefro: drinkcat good question - I don't know but will follow up (08:02:43 AM) topfs2: mru, Lunds University, LTH (08:02:48 AM) mru: bah, kth ftw (08:02:49 AM) topfs2: you? (08:02:51 AM) topfs2: haha (08:02:52 AM) ***maltanar misses not having midterms in Uppsala :( (08:03:21 AM) mru: we had exams 4 times per year (08:03:23 AM) mru: more or less (08:03:44 AM) ***cfriedt will never have to write another (academic) exam for the rest of his life :) (08:03:58 AM) maltanar: echoing drinkcat's question - what to we deliver for the mid-term? (08:04:05 AM) maltanar: if anyone has any info? (08:04:14 AM) Jefro: maltanar - I have an action item to find out & follow up (08:04:16 AM) mru: cfriedt: but you have a gsoc midterm coming up (08:04:26 AM) av500: much harder to pass (08:04:28 AM) mru: I *will* need more than a float array multiplication (08:04:34 AM) cfriedt: naturally (08:04:37 AM) Jefro: I believe it is just mentor evaluations of each project (08:05:34 AM) Jefro: and student evaluations of each mentor as well (08:06:02 AM) Jefro: I don't know whether there is a specific requirement for code delivery - basic google page doesn't specify (08:07:11 AM) Jefro: we can discuss next week, hopefully jkridner will be back (08:07:19 AM) Jefro: I think we are officially done - meeting adjourned, thanks all (08:07:26 AM) drinkcat: thanks. (08:07:30 AM) drinkcat: good evening all (08:07:36 AM) ppoudel: thanks (08:07:46 AM) maltanar: thanks, good evening/morning all! (08:07:54 AM) maltanar left the room. (08:08:00 AM) notzed: morning all (08:08:16 AM) topfs2: hey thats not UGT! ;) (08:08:59 AM) notzed: well it's not often you get a meeting that starts in the evening and finishes in the morning, so may as well use it (08:09:12 AM) topfs2: hehe :)