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  • cfriedt
  • drinkcat
  • maltanar
  • topfs2
  • ppoudel
  • neo01124


  • jkridner
  • mru
  • eFfeM_work
  • Jefro
  • koen
  • av500
  • katie
  • Crofton
  • notzed


Final 2 weeks

  • One week until recommended pencils-down date (Aug 9)
  • Everyone ready for review on Monday?
  • ANY issues preferred not to be discussed in public, please contact Jason Kridner ASAP.
  • All 6 students report readiness for review by Monday Aug 9


  • should be complete & correct
  • Jefro available for help, do not hesitate to ask


  • projects must be checked into
  • what gets checked in? patches, docs - anything the student actually did
  • jkdridner really wants "clean" deliverables - easy to reproduce, a clean conclusion, noting that work can continue later
  • now is the time for fixing bugs & cleaning up, aka "feature freeze"
  • code review = set of patches, documentation for each patch & overall usage instructions, code comments, any other supporting materials deemed appropriate by the mentor


  • maltanar has useful code, but OE integration is blocked on TI build systems work, though c6run already modified; currently produces nonworking executables
  • topfs2 is having some issues with sgx+alpha overlays