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BeagleBone Serial Terminal Server

The BeagleBones have 4 capable UARTs and the goal of this project is to provide the end user an image to configure, access and control the UART devices using a user friendly interface or SSH directly into the BBB to take control of the UART device.

Student: Saumitra Kapoor
Mentors: Michael Welling
GSoC: GSoC Proposal


This project is currently just a proposal.


About you

IRC: ServerProcessor
Github: ServerProcessor
School: BITS Pilani
Country: India
Primary language English, Hindi
Typical work hours 2PM-9PM and 1AM-4AM IST

About your project

Project name: BeagleBone-based Serial Terminal Server


There are two key points to approach this project. First, SSH into the BBB to control the UART devices. Second, create a deployable image to easily configure the UART devices. To enable the BBB to take control of UART devices and to issue commands to it using a serial connection:

  1. Use of simple system management daemons such as Systemd can be used which is the first daemon process to execute on BBB.
  2. Obtain a full list of services running (systemctl list-units -t service |grep tty)
  3. Get the status of the current serial service (systemctl status <running service>)
  4. Replace the serial service with a custom application service by disabling the current serial service (sudo systemctl stop <service>) and then disable it from boot
  5. Deploy your own design serial service.