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BeagleBone Serial Terminal Server

The BeagleBones have 4 capable UARTs and the goal of this project is to provide the end user an image to configure, access and control the UART devices using a user friendly interface or SSH directly into the BBB to take control of the UART device.

Student: Saumitra Kapoor
Mentors: Michael Welling
GSoC: GSoC Proposal


This project is currently just a proposal.


About you

IRC: ServerProcessor
Github: ServerProcessor
School: BITS Pilani
Country: India
Primary language English, Hindi
Typical work hours 2PM-9PM and 1AM-4AM IST

About your project

Project name: BeagleBone-based Serial Terminal Server


There are two key points to approach this project. First, SSH into the BBB to control the UART devices. Second, create a deployable image to easily configure the UART devices. To enable the BBB to take control of UART devices and to issue commands to it using a serial connection:

  1. Use of simple system management daemons such as Systemd can be used which is the first daemon process to execute on BBB.
  2. Obtain a full list of services running (systemctl list-units -t service |grep tty)
  3. Get the status of the current serial service (systemctl status <running service>)
  4. Replace the serial service with a custom application service by disabling the current serial service (sudo systemctl stop <service>) and then disable it from boot
  5. Deploy your own design serial service.


To be written.

Experience and approach

  1. Prior knowledge of embedded systems, soldering, device drivers, computer networking
  2. I run my open source website to teach basic electronics and device drivers at :


  1. Talk to people on IRC and beagleboard community
  2. For serial and UART configuration I will follow : for troubleshooting
  3. Follow the online resources :
  4. Google it
  5. Read documentation page