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Contest #1

Give-away one BeagleBoard Rev C1 to winner and another to the runner-up. Judges will determine criteria and won't be eligible for winning the contest. Final submission required by January 5, 2009. (Final date to be approved by judges.)


  • Judges cannot participate in the contest.
  • The ruling of the judges is final. Jason Kridner will determine when the ruling of the judges has been provided.
  • Points categories must be approved by positive votes from a majority of the judges. Points based on the criteria will be awarded by each judge and then averaged to rank the entries.
  • Qualification categories must be approved by positive votes from a majority of the judges. Qualification of entries will be based on the qualification categories and will be confirmed by positive votes from a majority of the judges.
  • Jason Kridner will be responsible for getting the boards to the winner and runner-up. Recipients must meet US export control requirements.
  • Individuals are limited to a single entry, but may include as many demonstrations as desired within that entry.


  • Jason Kridner (jkridner)
  • Koen Kooi (koen)
  • Dirk Behme (dirk2)
  • Steve Sakoman (sakoman)
  • Hunyue Yau (ds2)
  • Mans Rullgard (mru)
  • Robert Kuhn (robertk)

Approved criteria and weight (points)

Wishlist judging criteria


  • All new content must be open source as determined by the OSI.
  • Submission should be in the form of a <1GB 'dd' image for an SD card.


  • Stable musb
    • ISOCH support
    • High-speed USB TV tuner support
    • Hot-plug support for OTG (host and client)
  • EHCI support
  • Angstrom recipe for image
  • Documentation for demo
  • SD image for demo
  • Running power consumption
  • Use of DSP
  • Use of SGX
  • Audio record
  • Latest kernel version
  • USB camera support
  • USB support in u-boot
  • Fixing bugs listed on
  • Ease of use

Other background