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Contest #1

Give-away one BeagleBoard Rev C1 to winner and another to the runner-up. Judges will determine criteria and won't be eligible for winning the contest. Final submission required by January 5, 2009. (Final date to be approved by judges.)


  • Judges cannot participate in the contest.
  • The ruling of the judges is final. Jason Kridner will determine when the ruling of the judges has been provided.
  • Points categories must be approved by positive votes from a majority of the judges. Points based on the criteria will be awarded by each judge and then averaged to rank the entries.
  • Qualification categories must be approved by positive votes from a majority of the judges. Qualification of entries will be based on the qualification categories and will be confirmed by positive votes from a majority of the judges.
  • Jason Kridner will be responsible for getting the boards to the winner and runner-up. Recipients must meet US export control requirements.
  • Individuals are limited to a single entry, but may include as many demonstrations as desired within that entry.


  • Jason Kridner (jkridner)
  • Koen Kooi (koen)
  • Dirk Behme (dirk2)
  • Steve Sakoman (sakoman)
  • Hunyue Yau (ds2)
  • Mans Rullgard (mru)
  • Robert Kuhn (robertk)

Approved criteria and weight (points)

proposals, under discussion

  • "wow" or "coolness" factor from usefulness/user experience point of view (points: tbd.)
  • overall quality of the submission (points: tbd.)
  • technical complexity
    • "coolness" of the technical solution (points: tbd.), even if it isn't useful for all the masses
    • amount of work needed (points: tbd.), i.e. x hours or x days?

Wishlist judging criteria


  • All new content must be open source as determined by the OSI.
  • Submission should be in the form of a <1GB 'dd' image for an SD card. Topics to be discussed, please edit:
    • Give instructions how to create dd image?
    • Do we need a dd image "create service"? Just that somebody who has a cool app can concentrate on doing his app and not on creating image
    • Alternatives allowed (e.g. while having dd image service)? E.g. we shouldn't exclude something like Android on Beagle just because the format is wrong?


  • Stable musb
    • ISOCH support
    • High-speed USB TV tuner support
    • Hot-plug support for OTG (host and client)
  • EHCI support
  • Angstrom recipe for image
  • Documentation for demo
  • SD image for demo
  • Running power consumption
  • Use of DSP
  • Use of SGX
  • Audio record
  • Latest kernel version
  • USB camera support
    • gspca driver - need to validate with multiple cameras
    • UVC driver
  • USB support in u-boot
  • Fixing bugs listed on
  • Ease of use
  • USB Digital TV tuner (either ATSC or DVB-T)
    • Hauppauge HVR950 suggested as reference
  • Projection TV coupled with the Pico
  • Consumer IR remote control via LIRC

Contest projects

Please add here your project you like to participate at this contest. Please add the project to projects, too. If you add a new project here, please append it at the end of list below. Then we can rely on numbering if talking about projects (e.g. "I like project 5.1").

Discussion, example project, example style, will be removed later:

OpenOCD JTAG support

  • Title: OpenOCD OMAP3 JTAG support
  • project: OpenOCD OMAP3 JTAG support
  • Short project description: OpenOCD is an open source JTAG software which interfaces using cheap JTAG dongles (e.g. with FTDI chip) to OMAP3 JTAG interface. Having OpenOCD ARM Cortex-A8 OMAP3 support will enable JTAG debugging with GDB. As JTAG dongle e.g. Flyswatter from TinCantools can be used.
  • Homepage: BeagleBoard OpenOCD
  • Expected results:
    • Working OMAP3 ARM-Cortex A8 code in OpenOCD SVN and demo
    • Wiki page how to create and use OpenOCd with Beagle

Other background