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This article explains how to use TI's OpenMAX-IL with GStreamer (e.g. on BeagleBoard). As the TI's OMXIL is hardware accelerated by DSP, you need to have the DSP properly set up following BeagleBoard/DSP_Howto.



The easiest way to use the DSP capabilities is through the OpenMAX IL API, but in order to compile TI's implementation a special DSP library is required.


libdspbridge is a library which wraps up the ioctl calls to the dspbridge kernel driver. Originally it is in the userspace-dspbridge repository. But it is bloated and its build process is over-complicated. That is why we have started a slimmed version of it.

git clone git://
cd libbridge
git co -b mybranch 23.3.3
make DESTDIR=/media/rootfs install


The original distribution of the TI's OpenMAX IL is in its gforge site. Nevertheless, its build process is overcomplicated. For that reason we started a repository which simplifies the build machinery, and also we are targeting a general code cleanup.

git clone git://
cd ti-omxil
git co -b my-branch 3.28-2
make DBAPI_CFLAGS=-I/media/rootfs/usr/include/dspbridge \
     DBAPI_LIBS=-L/media/rootfs/usr/lib DESTDIR=/media/rootfs install


You would need to compile gst-openmax inside scratchbox:

git clone git://
cd gst-openmax
git checkout -b omap origin/omap
./ --noconfigure
./configure --prefix=/usr
make DESTDIR=rootfs install

Related stuff

In order to get the omapfb usable for video playback you need this kernel argument:


And the GStreamer element:

git clone git://
cd gst-omapfb
make DESTDIR=rootfs install


You should be able to use the gst-openmax elements now:

gst-launch-0.10 filesrc location="foobar.avi" ! avidemux ! omx_mpeg4dec ! omapfbsink

See also