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This page is about using Eclipse IDE for BeagleBoard. It is focused on JTAG debugging with e.g. OpenOCD, but can be extended to additional topics, e.g. C/C++ development. And, while the examples focus on Beagle, stuff shown here will most probably easily apply to other boards.


Here, installation of Eclipse for C/C++ development and embedded GDB/JTAG debugging will be described. This is done in three steps:

Note: The file names and versions given here are based on October 2009. They may change.

Eclipse Classic

Download Eclipse Classic 3.5.x. In October 2009 this was version 3.5.1. 32-bit Linux version download resulted in file eclipse-SDK-3.5.1-linux-gtk.tar.gz.

Installation is done by extracting downloaded file and then just call


You might want to add this to your path and/or add a start icon/shortcut on your desktop/start menue.

Starting Eclipse, you are asked for the directory where you want to have your workspace:

Eclipse 1.jpg

After doing this, Eclipse starts...

Eclipse 2.jpg

... and presents the start screen:

Eclipse 3.jpg


Additional plug ins