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Random hacking notes for getting Fedora 13 to kinda work with the BeagleBoard. ;)

Fedora 19

An image for the BeagleBoneBlack can be found here:

Note that an 8GB sdcard is required for this image.

Fedora 13

git clone git://
cd fedora-media-builder

Install script for Beagle Bx

sudo ./ --mmc /dev/sdX --uboot beagle_bx --distro f13

Install script for Beagle Cx, xM A/B/C

sudo ./ --mmc /dev/sdX --uboot beagle --distro f13

Install script for BeagleBone A2/A3

sudo ./ --mmc /dev/sdX --uboot bone --distro f13

Install script for Panda

sudo ./ --mmc /dev/sdX --uboot panda --distro f13

Note, on first boot depmod -a is called early, but no usb devices or any modules work, so after login prompt first appears just hit the reset button..

Fedora 15