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This page is about compiling Linux Kernel for BeagleBoard manually.

  • Attention #1: If you just want a distribution for your BeagleBoard, i.e. something that just works, stop reading here. Have a look to development environments.
  • Attention #2: If you are already using OpenEmbedded (OE) and you are fine with the kernel generated by this, stop reading here.

This page is intended for people wanting to compile a recent Linux kernel for BeagleBoard manually. Maybe because they are real kernel hackers and don't want OE "overhead". Or they have issues with OE. Or ... . Again, if you are not such a person, stop reading here.

Still interested?

Most recent Linux kernel is available by OMAP Linux git repository, which then is heavily patched by OE. Most of these patches are grabbed from OMAP Linux mailing list, but still not applied to recent git. So OE creates a kernel by taking git kernel and then applies a lot of patches. For OE tools, this is described by OE "receipes". Looking at these receipes for BeagleBoard, grabbing the patches OE applies and then doing the stuff manually usually done by OE gives you the same kernel OE generates.

So this page describes how to get all the pieces OE uses for kernel compilation and then patch and compile kernel manually. As this page is only for experts, so some details might be missing.


  • An [ARMCompilers ARM cross compiler] is needed


  • OE
  • Kernel