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Some German (europe?) perihperals and adapters for Beagle.
Some German (europe?) peripherals and adapters for Beagle.
===Serial adapter===
===Serial adapter===

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This page is about peripherals and adapters useful/necessary for BeagleBoard. As the design goal of BeagleBoard was to make it as simple and cheap as possible, e.g. not having a LCD added, you will need some add ons to use the peripherals of this board. This page will list known peripherals. If you use peripherals not listed here, please add.


There are pages listing "official" verified peripherals and adapters.

The page Verified BeagleBoard Peripherals lists peripherals known to work with BeagleBoard. To add new entries go to del.icio.us and add tags "beagleboard" and "peripheral" (singular). Once you've verified, please also add the "verified" tag. Others will then be able to find the peripheral links using del.icio.us/tag/beagleboard+peripheral+verified. The peripherals specifically linked at Verified BeagleBoard Peripherals page above are at del.icio.us/jadon/beagleboard+peripheral+verified.

Unofficial and local

Most of the official peripheral and adapter links are located from shops in the USA. For non-US people, sometimes it doesn't make sense or isn't comfortable to order international. Therefore here we list some local and unofficial links for peripherals and adapters.


Some German (europe?) peripherals and adapters for Beagle.

Serial adapter

USB OTG host cable

For Beagle Rev. B boards you need a special USB adapter cable to use OTG port as host:

  • Hama Mini-USB-Kabel On the Go, Mini-USB-A-Stecker - USB-A-Kupplung, 0,15m, e.g. available from Amazon or order via your local dealer directly from HAMA, Art.-Nr: 00041848

Note 1: From mechanical point of view, you can use Mini-A or Mini-B USB plugs (no Micro connectors!) with Beagle board. Both will fit into Beagle's USB OTG receptacle. But to be detected properly, USB ID pin has to be connected to ground. And this is only done at Mini-A plug. So Mini-B plugs will not work unless you modify them to connect ID pin to ground. This is necessary e.g. for above Conrad cable.

USB hub

DVI cable

Power supply

5V, >= 500mA, stabilized, 2,1mm/5,5mm e.g


UK peripherals and adapters for Beagle.

Serial Adapter

USB hub