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This page is about running [http://www.ubuntu.com/ Ubuntu] 9.10 Karmic distribution on the [[BeagleBoard]].
=Demo Image=
=Demo Image=
==Karmic 9.10==
==Karmic 9.10==

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This page is about running Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic distribution on the BeagleBoard.

Demo Image

Karmic 9.10

Built with:

sudo ./rootstock --fqdn beagleboard --login ubuntu --password temppwd --imagesize 2G \
--seed wget,nano,linux-firmware,wireless-tools,usbutils --dist karmic --serial ttyS2 \
--kernel-image http://rcn-ee.net/deb/kernel/beagle/karmic/v2.6.32.11-x13/linux-image-

Get prebuilt image:

wget http://rcn-ee.net/deb/rootfs/ubuntu-9.10.2-minimal-armel.tar.7z
wget http://ynezz.ibawizard.net/beagleboard/ubuntu-9.10.2-minimal-armel.tar.7z
wget http://vivaphp.net/beagle/ubuntu-9.10.2-minimal-armel.tar.7z

Unpack it:

7za x ubuntu-9.10.2-minimal-armel.tar.7z
tar xf ubuntu-9.10.2-minimal-armel.tar
cd ubuntu-9.10.2-minimal-armel

Quick Install script

./setup_sdcard.sh --mmc /dev/sdX --ignore_md5sum
  • Bug: --ignore_md5sum is needed
  • Additional Options
    • --rootfs <ext3 default>
    • --swap_file <swap file size in MB's>

md5sum: 0bf198beac0a0358bc2c0097c6dddec7 ubuntu-9.10.2-minimal-armel.tar.7z