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** Linaro
** Linaro
** Yocto
** Yocto
* BeagleWall
** Original
** Done with Archos players
** TI implemented version
* Iron Man
* Iron Man
* Robotics
* Robotics

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To celebrate the 3 year anniversary of the BeagleBoard, we are working on two aspects to keep the community engaged and growing.

First, we want to create a video montage showing all of the accomplishments of the BeagleBoard community. These would be short video clips with demonstrations of what can be done with the BeagleBoard and highlights of open source software on low-power hardware. These would include derivative products that somehow touch the BeagleBoard community. This video would be featured on the BeagleBoard.org home page and likely in promotions for the BeagleBoard sponsored by TI. The call-to-action in the video would be to complete a survey...

Second, we want to collect inputs from the community on where to go next. We'll use the video to drive traffic to a survey, asking the question of where you want to take the BeagleBoard next. The survey should contain questions that would enable vendors creating hardware that targets the BeagleBoard community to build a better platform and to justify investing in solving certain problems. The theme should be along the lines of "look at what all was done with the BeagleBoard, now if it could do X we could do Y."

Video topics

These videos would need to be made available and licensable by June 1st. Below is just the list of topics for which we might want to capture a video clip. Please feel free to add an idea, even if you have no ability to actually capture the video.

  • Large classes being trained with BeagleBoards
    • ESC
    • ECE497
    • Linux Foundation trainings
  • Various free operating systems and distributions running
    • Debian
    • Ubuntu
    • Gentoo
    • Android
      • Rowboat
      • Cyanogenmod
      • 0xdroid
    • FreeBSD
  • Hardware
    • Cases
      • Special Computing
      • tin cans
      • eSawdust
      • Koen's MakerBot coaster
    • LCDs
      • Hy Research
      • Liquidware BeagleTouch
  • Industry groups
    • Linaro
    • Yocto
  • BeagleWall
    • Original
    • Done with Archos players
    • TI implemented version
  • Iron Man
  • Robotics
    • Original BeagleBot
    • CATCAN robot
    • Student Robotics
  • Wearables
  • Professional demos
    • QNX
    • WinCE
    • Kozio
    • ASTC
  • Wireless power

Survey topics

I believe one aspect of the survey should be to rank a set of features. It should be made obvious that selecting some features over others will make it impossible to enable some of the features given lower priority. Other sections of the survey could include more direct questions. Please feel free to add features or questions to the survey below.

Feature ranking

  • Under US$50
  • Under US$75
  • Under US$100
  • Under US$125
  • Under US$150
  • Under US$175
  • Under US$200
  • Over 500DMIPS ARM
  • Over 1000DMIPS ARM
  • Over 2000DMIPS ARM
  • Over 4000DMIPS ARM
  • Second ARM core
  • Over 2 ARM cores
  • DSP
  • Floating-point support on DSP
  • Over 800MHz DSP
  • SATA
  • USB3 host
  • USB3 device/OTG
  • A high-speed USB host port
  • 4 high/full/low-speed USB host ports
  • USB OTG port
  • Stereo audio in/out
  • Microphone pre-amp on audio in
  • >100dB SNR on stereo audio in/out
  • Parallel camera input port
  • Audio over HDMI connector
  • VGA support
  • 720p video acceleration (non-ARM)
  • 1080p video acceleration (non-ARM)
  • Multi-1080p video acceleration (non-ARM)