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<ref name="source_tree">[https://github.com/mranostay/beagle-nixie| PRU source code]</ref>  
<ref name="source_tree">[https://github.com/mranostay/beagle-nixie | PRU source code]</ref>  

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Using the PRUSS functionality of AM335x core for driving an vacuum fluorescent display using a shift register in realtime.

This proposal will have the following:

  • Having PRU control everything once loaded.
  • Userspace can also talk to the PRUs to update data in almost real time.
  • Final demo should be off the breadboard and on finished PCB daughtercard for the Beaglebone


All PRU source is available on GitHub[1]

Currently the userspace utility code exists but final demo will have the clock being ran completely from PRUSS and not touching outside of it at all.


Breadboard PRUS Demo Picture
Beaglebone PRUSS Demo