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BeagleBone Breadboard

The BeagleBone Breadboard is designed to provide a simple but productive prototyping space. This prototyping cape is equipped with a patterned prototyping area, two general-purpose LED’s, two tactile switches, one 8-pin female header and two stackable 46-pin connectors. LED’s and switches are mapped to an 8-pin header for convenient access. With each purchase including an adhesive solderless breadboard and jumper wire kit (140 pieces in 14 different lengths), the BeagleBone Breadboard offers users a powerful prototyping tool without the needs of soldering.

Revision Changes

Revision A1

The only changes made for this revision are silkscreens. The board of this revision should function identically to the previous revision.

Revision A

Initial release of BeagleBone Audio Cape.

Software Support

No software support is required by this board.


Followings are some specifications of the BeagleBone Breadboard:


Prototyping Area Pattern
Headers 2x 46-pin stackable
1x 8-pin female
Resistors 2x 470 Ohm 1/4W 5%
LED's 2x Green 3mm 20mA 2.12V
Switches 2x Tactile .05A 24V

Included with each purchase:

Breadboard 1x Solderless 170 tie point 1.8" x 1.37"
Jumper Wire Kit 140x 14 lengths .1" .2" .3" .4" .5" .6" .7" .8" .9" 1" 2" 3" 4" 5"

Solderless Breadboard

Prototyping Area

The solder prototyping area on the BeagleBone Breadboard is patterned into rows and columns of connections. At the center of the cape are multiple 3-connection rows separated by 14-connection columns. The far right end of the cape features a series of 2-connection rows. Users can utilized these rows for extra connectors.

The adhesive solderless breadboard features 34 five-connection rows split equally into two sides. The bottom of this breadboard can be peeled and attached onto the solder prototyping area of the BeagleBone Breadboard. In addition to two 46-pin connectors and an 8-pin header, the solderless breadboard provides a complete solderless solution for prototyping BeagleBone.

Mechanical Specifications

Size 2.15" x 3.40"
Layers 2
PCB Thickness .062"
RoHS Compliant Yes

Signal Usage

BeagleBone Breadboard Pin Usage

No signals are used by this cape.


EEPROM Suport No
Board Name BeagleBone Breadboard
Version 00A1
Manufacturer BeagleBoardToys
Part Number BB-BONE-BBBD-01
Pins Used 0


Product Images


Hardware Files

BeagleBone Breadboard Revision A1

Only PCB is changed in this revision. No design changes are made.

BeagleBone Breadboard Revision A

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