BeagleBone Usb Networking

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USB networking not available ( not accessible):

In some linux systems a few kernel modules might be needed to support the BeagleBone usb network.

In case your usb network is unreachable and you cannot find the following line (or similar) in your dmesg log:

  "rndis_host 1-4.3:1.0: eth2: register 'rndis_host' at usb-0000:00:1a.7-4.3, RNDIS device, c8:a0:30:ad:27:19"

Follow the next steps:

1) find your kernel sources. (usually at /usr/src/linux)

2) add the following options as Modules:

  Device Drivers  ---> 
  [*] Network device support  --->
      USB Network Adapters  --->
      <M> Multi-purpose USB Networking Framework  
      <M>   CDC Ethernet support (smart devices such as cable modems) 
      <M>   Host for RNDIS and ActiveSync devices (EXPERIMENTAL)
      <M>   Simple USB Network Links (CDC Ethernet subset)
 Device Drivers  --->   
 [*] USB support  --->  
     <M>   USB Gadget Support  --->
     <M>     Ethernet Gadget (with CDC Ethernet support)
     <M>     CDC Composite Device (Ethernet and ACM)
     <M>     Multifunction Composite Gadget (EXPERIMENTAL
            [*]       RNDIS + CDC Serial + Storage configuration

3) Recompile the kernel and install the modules

make && make modules_install

4) If everything went as expected a new network interface will be created the next time you connect your beaglebone.

ifconfig -a

5) assign an IP address to the freshly created network interface and enjoy!