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(The BeagleBrick is a ham application using the BeagleBoard)
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== Hamlib ==
== Hamlib ==
Information on creating a [www.hamlib.org/ hamlib] module is forthcoming.
Information on creating a [http://www.hamlib.org hamlib] module is forthcoming.

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The BeagleBrick is a handheld software defined radio integrating the BeagleBoard with Angstrom Linux, SoftRock 6.3 transceiver, and an LCD touchscreen into an all-in-one radio unit. It's goal is to be an easy to use "iPad for hams."

Current Status

The project is currently in a transitional period. This page will document our progress on interfacing with hardware using the BeagleBoard and Linux. More information can be found here.

Preparing the OS

SD Card Setup

First, follow the BeagleBoardBeginners#SD_card_setup guide in formatting your SD card.

Next, on the first partition, copy these files in this order.

  1. MLO
  2. u-boot
  3. uImage

Kernel Source

We are working on the best way to distribute this, possibly in patch form.

Root File System

The ext2 partition on the SD card contains the file system for Linux, where all your regular programs and data reside. There are three options for getting this:

  1. Our complete filesystem with FLDigi and hamlib configured is available here.
  2. You can also compile a distribution remotely from the Angstrom site. This has FLDigi, but you will need to add the BeagleBrick's hamlib module.
  3. Finally, you can create the rootfs yourself, by following ECE597_Installing_The_Ångström_Distribution This is much more involved than the previous two methods.


Information on creating a hamlib module is forthcoming.