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The USB-powered BeagleBoard is a low-cost, fan-less single board computer that unleashes laptop-like performance and expandability without the bulk, expense, or noise of typical desktop machines.

Image Files

The image below is for the new BeagleBoard Rev C5. This board starting shipping 7/17/2011.
This board has a new DDR+NAND memory device. The old device was discontinued.
This forced us to move to a new device which has 256MB DDR and 512MB NAND. A new image is required. Follow the instructions below
to create an SD card and reflash the NAND in the event it has been written over or corrupted.

- There is a new UBoot that is required for the Rev C5 board to handle the new memory device. 
- As a result of this change, all of the images currently running on C4 versions will need to be modified to handle the new memory.
- This is a 2.6.32 Kernel

BeagleBoard Rev C4/C5 Reflashing Procedure