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Serial Port Settings

The default serial port settings for the board are:

Baud 115,200
Bits 8
Parity N
Stop Bits 1
Handshake None

Standard FTDI Cable

The debug cable is a standard FTDI to TTL cable. Make sure you get the 3.3V version. You can purchase this from several different sources including but not limited to:

FTDI Cable.jpg

Pin 1 on the cable is the black wire and connects to pin 1 on the board, the pin with the white dot next to it.

Adafruit 4 Pin Cable (PL2303)

One is from *Adafruit. This is a Prolific chipset based cable. Some people have reported issues with the cable causing some issues with data corruption. You experience may vary. You will need to install the Prolific drivers. Those can be downloaded from Adafruit.

RPI Serial.png

Board Cable
Pin 1 (GND) Black (GND)
Pin 4 (RX) Green (TX)
Pin 5 (TX) White (RX)


You will also find an extra RED wire on this cable that supplies 5V @ 500mA which could power the board if connected to one of the VDD_5V pins (P9_05, P9_06). Just leave it unconnected.

FTDI 3 Pin Cable

You can purchase the another version direct from *FTDI
This cable only has three wires for connection. You can find the datasheet and a picture at *Cable

Board Cable
Pin 1 (GND) Black (GND)
Pin 4 (RX) Orange (TX)
Pin 5 (TX) Yellow (RX)

Olimex 3 Pin Cable (PL2303) (Discontinued)

A third version is sold by *Olimex

Board Cable
Pin 1 (GND) Blue (GND)
Pin 4 (RX) Red (TX)
Pin 5 (TX) Green (RX)

Friction-fit, low-profile open hardware design