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BeagleBone 1.2MP Camera Cape

The RadiumBoards HD Camera Cape provides a high resolution mobile camera solution for the BeagleBone Black platform. The HD Camera Cape is composed of an Expansion board containing the data management circuitry and a Sensor board containing the image sensor and optics. The Sensor board utilizes a high definition Aptina image sensor capable of delivering high resolution images and video with outstanding low light capability with low noise.

Key Features Include:

  • Image capture up to 1280x960 resolution at 10fps (DMA)
  • 720p HD video capture at 30fps
  • Superior low-light performance
  • Ultra-low-power
  • Progressive scan with Electronic Rolling Shutter (ERS)
  • Automatic image correction and enhancement
  • Adaptive Polynomial lens shading correction
  • Supports both Android and Linux operating systems


Electrical Specifications

Camera Sensor 1/6-Inch 720p High-Definition Aptina MT9M114
Data Interface CAM I/F
Power supply 3.3V via expansion header
5V via expansion header
Indicators Two power LEDs
Connectors Two 46-position BeagleBone connectors
One 6-position BeagleBone connector (optional)
Two pairs of 30-position Sensor board connectors
One 24-position camera sensor socket

Mechanical Specifications

Size 3.40" x 3.90"
Layers 4
PCB Thickness .062"
RoHS Compliant Yes


BeagleBone 1.2MP Camera Pin Usage
EEPROM Suport Yes
Board Name BeagleBone HD Camera Cape
Version 00A0
Manufacturer RadiumBoards
Pins Used 28


Open Source No
System Reference Manual Yes
Schematics No
PCB Files No
Gerber Files No
Bills of Materials No

Manufacturer's Link

For more information please visit RadiumBoards

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