Beagleboard:Cape Expansion Headers

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Information regarding Cape Expansion Headers for the Beagle Bone Black are listed below as pictures. At the bottom of some sections, there is an example of how to interact with some of the pins. For further information on the pins, you can visit the BeagleBone Black System Reference Manual here.

Full Headers with 8 Modes

H9Pinout.PNG P8Header.PNG

Cape Expansion Headers

Cape expansion headers.PNG

Black eMMC and HDMI Pins

Black eMMC and HDMI pins.PNG

  • If you would like to interact with the cape manager and disable the eMMC and HDMI pins, you can refer to this wiki as an example.

65 Possible Digital I.0's.

65 Possible Digital I.0's.PNG

8 PWMs and 4 Timers

8 PWMs and 4 Timers.PNG

7 Analog Inputs

7 analog inputs (1.8V).PNG

  • An example of reading analog (ADC) values on the Beagle Bone Black is addressed at Hipstercircuits.

4.5 Serial UARTs

4.5 serial UARTs.PNG
Do you need help enabling serial/UART/tty on BeagleBone Black? Check out this link.

2 SPI Ports

2 SPI Ports.PNG

2 I2C Ports

2 I2C Ports.PNG

Cape EEPROM Contents

Cape EEPROM Contents.PNG

  • There is an example of the EEPROM contents of the Weather Cape if you visit this link.