Board IO connection Testing

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Board IO connection testing consists of the ability of a test to control or test features of the board that are related to busses or other I/O connections to the device under test. This could include things like:

  • serial ports
  • USB buses
  • i2c
  • CAN

It might also involve any other aspect of board IO, such as audio, video, gpio, leds, etc.

In general, the connection might be between the board farm controller node and the DUT (interface G) or between some special hardware and the DUT (interface H, controlled by interface J).


It has been very difficult to develop widely usable tests for device drivers, because for some types of I/O or connections, the way the device under test is configured or physically attached is specific to a particular lab.

solution candidates


In June of 2020, Cyril Hrubis proposed a solution for a test to query for devices using a shell script: See