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This page has information about reducing boot-up time for a Linux system. This is of interest to CE Linux Forum members, because customers expect CE products to be usable very soon after system startup.

Technology/Project Pages

The following are individual pages with information about various technologies relevant to improving bootup time for Linux. Some of these describe local patches available on this site. Others point to projects or patches maintained elsewhere.

Measuring Boot-up Time

Technologies and Techniques for Reducing Boot-up Time

  1. use of mmap vs. read
  2. control over page mapping characteristics.


  • Boot-up Time Definition Of Terms - definitions of terms used by the CELF Bootup Time working group
  • Kernel Instrumentation - lists some known kernel instrumentation tools. These are of interest for measuring kernel startup time.
  • Filesystem Information - information about boot-up times with various file systems
  • Alert.gif in progress - Boot-up Time Reduction Howto - this is a project to catalog existing boot-up time reduction techniques. Work on this project is under way. The wiki will serve as the primary repository of information gathered for this project.
  • Alert.gifno content yet - Boot-up Time Delay Taxonomy - list of delays categorized by boot phase, type and magnitude

Case Studies

  • Samsung proof-of-acceptability study for digital still camera: see attachment:Linux Boot-up Time Reduction4DSC.ppt
  • Tim Bird's (Sony) survey of boot-up time reduction techniques:

Additional Projects/Mailing Lists/Resources

Kexec Fast