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Bootchart is a tool for performance analysis and visualization of the Linux boot process. Resource utilization and process information are collected during the user-space portion of the boot process and are later rendered in a PNG, SVG or EPS encoded chart. For embedded systems several developers have tried to use bootchart to analyze boot time, but problems arose. There have been several efforts to modify bootchart to make it more useful for embedded development.

Research & Presentations


  • bootchart-lite-en.pdf Presentation by Shuuji Miyake of Fujitsu Software Technologies Limited, about bootchart deficiencies in the embedded space and ideas for fixing them.
  • Bootchart-lite Project Home
  • # Non-members may check out a read-only working copy anonymously over HTTP.

svn checkout bootchart-lite-read-only


  • Visualizing Resource Usage During Boot Presentation on 'embootchart' by Matthew Klahn and Moosa Muhammad of Motorola about bootchart deficiencies in the embedded space, and a program (unfortunately never published) to fix them.

Related projects

SystemTap Scripts

A related project is a set of System Tap scripts to provide information about boot time. See Bootprobe