Build, maintain and foster an embedded linux project list throughout the year

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Build and maintain an embedded linux project list throughout the year and foster development specific to areas important to embedded linux , etc.

Summarize and maintain an embedded linux project list and foster development specific to areas important to embedded linux , etc.
Bill Traynor


It would be beneficial for the larger embedded linux development community to have a reference point of work that is being undertaken currently and work that would be beneficial to embedded linux in the future. Each year, CELF has solicited project proposals for funding and each year there is a rush of project proposals at the proposal entry deadline. This creates a suboptimal process for important projects getting noticed and getting funding when they are already in development or when they come to the fore at other times during the year.

The etcetera portion of this proposal includes the engagement of individuals and companies with interest in areas of embedded linux and shepherding the engagement with the greater embedded linux community to get projects moving forward. Perhaps in certain circumstances, companies would be willing to sponsor certain development when they know that an expert in that area of the linux kernel is willing to do the work. This is a slippery slope, but starting the conversation could benefit everyone in the long run and move linux forward faster.

Similarly, this proposal would require research into the state of various high level developent categories, for example, Graphics, or System Size. This research would result in large amounts of content for, as well as an increased level of involvement in specific areas. In the past, individuals have expressed interest in helping with specific areas of the wiki but have not become fully engaged for whatever reason.

Related work


This would be an ongoing process/project with quarterly status checks.

Contractor Candidates

Bill Traynor (current editor/maintainer)


Time: 5 hours/week Cost: $200/week ongoing


The reality of working on the wiki is that to some degree, I'll be doing this work anyway. However, it would be nice if the greater "Community Management" for the embedded linux community was increasingly valued moving forward.