Build Systems

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  • Open Embedded - System for building full embedded images from scratch (The Yocto Project build system)
  • Buildroot - Easy-to-use embedded Linux build system
  • PTXdist
    • Kconfig based build system developed by Pengutronix
    • GPL licensed
    • Video of a talk given by PTXdist maintainer Robert Schwebel at FOSDEM 2009
  • Linux From Scratch
  • LTIB - Linux Target Image Builder (by Stuart Hughes of FreeScale) - see
    • Slides and video of a talk on LTIB at the Ottawa Linux Symposium 2008
  • OpenBricks - Embedded Linux Framework
    • OpenBricks provides a set of packages, patches and shell-based rules that creates a toolchain and a rootfs with customized packages and features selection.
    • Currently supports x86_32, x86_64, PowerPC, PowerPC64 and ARM architectures with either uClibc, Glibc or eGlibc C library.
  • Building Embedded Userlands - Presentation by Ned Miljevic & Klaas van Gend at the ELC 2008 which compares different configuration and build systems. Video of the conference available.
  • Scratchbox Cross-Compilation Toolkit, with support for x86 and arm.
  • OpenWRT Cross-Compilation Toolkit mainly geared towards wireless routers but can be extended to other platforms, with support for x86, MIPS and ARM.

See also Toolchains