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To be done:

  • MAINTAINERS file. Patch series from Yann E. Morin
  • AArch64 ILP32 support? Not sure. Patch series from Bamvor Jian Zhang
  • graph-size stuff. Patch series from Thomas Petazzoni
  • SELinux patch series from Clayton Shotwell/Matt Weber. Partially done.


  • Webkit 2.4. Patch series from Gustavo Zacarias
  • Support config fragments. Patch series from Floris Bos
  • Removal of --enable-debug/--disable-debug. Patch series from Johan Oudinet
  • ISO9660 support overhaul.
  • Support CVS date specifiers as <pkg>_VERSION. Patch series from Fabio Porcedda
  • Switch U-Boot to kconfig infra. Patch series from Jorg Krause
  • libtirpc and nfs-utils bump and improvements.


  • EFL 1.14. Patch series from Romain Naour, submitted too late.
  • Packages sharing version/source/site. No solution proposed so far.