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# [[User:ThomasPetazzoni|Thomas Petazzoni]]
# [[User:ThomasPetazzoni|Thomas Petazzoni]]
# [[User:matthewlweber|Matt Weber]]
# [[User:matthewlweber|Matt Weber]]
# [[User:PeterKorsgaard|Peter Korsgaard]]
== Meeting agenda ==
== Meeting agenda ==

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Buildroot Developers Meeting, 20-21 October 2018, Edinburgh

The Buildroot Developers meeting is a 2-day event for Buildroot developers and contributors. It allows Buildroot developers and contributors to discuss the hot topics in the Buildroot development, work on patches, and generally meet each other, facilitating further online discussions. Attending the event is free, after registration.

Location and date

The next Buildroot Developers meeting will take place on October 20th and 21st 2018 in Edinburgh, right before the Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2018. The meeting location will be defined soon.


Please contact Thomas Petazzoni (thomas.petazzoni@bootlin.com) if you would like to sponsor the Buildroot Developers meeting.


  1. Thomas Petazzoni
  2. Matt Weber
  3. Peter Korsgaard

Meeting agenda