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Buildroot Developers Meeting, 25-27 October 2019, Lyon

The Buildroot Developers meeting is a 3-day event for Buildroot developers and contributors. It allows Buildroot developers and contributors to discuss the hot topics in the Buildroot development, work on patches, and generally meet each other, facilitating further online discussions. Attending the event is free, after registration.

Location and date


The next Buildroot Developers meeting will take place between October 25 to October 27, right before the Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2019.

The meeting will take place in the offices of Smile, located 107 Boulevard de Stalingrad, 69100 Villeurbanne. The location is not far way from the Embedded Linux Conference Europe venue location, which will allow participants to both events to find convenient nearby accommodation.


  • Smile is sponsoring this event, by providing the location of the 3 days of the meeting, within their offices in Lyon, France.

We are looking for sponsors for this event, for example to cover the social event for the participants of the meeting.


  1. Thomas Petazzoni, on all 3 days
  2. Titouan Christophe
  3. Matt Weber, all 3 days
  4. Mark Corbin
  5. Arnout Vandecappelle from Saturday 26/10
  6. Yann E. MORIN, from Friday around 11am.
  7. Peter Korsgaard from Friday 25/10 around 16h
  8. Romain Naour
  9. Jeremy Rosen
  10. Nicolas Carrier at least Friday and Saturday, Sunday TBC

Who can attend ?

This meeting is opened to all Buildroot users and developers. The event is free. However, we make it clear that it is not a training event about Buildroot aimed at newcomers. It is a meeting for Buildroot developers to make progress about various topics in Buildroot. It is recommended to already be a Buildroot contributor to participate to the event.

For administrative reasons, participants will have to register to the event before the first day of the meeting. For this reason, people that are not registered will not be granted access to the site. Please, register by adding your name to the list, above.


How to organise "demo" defconfigs

We currently have almost 200 minimal board defconfigs. Intermingled with those are a few "demo" defconfigs that show additional features. Some of these are somewhat board-specific (e.g. beaglebone_qt5), but others are pretty much independent (e.g. at91sam9x5ek_dev). There is some resistance against adding additional "demo" defconfigs (e.g. for mender). Can we find a way to add "demo" configurations without exploding the configs directory?

How to deal with long-term-supported packages

Some packages (e.g. Qt) have a long-term support lifecycle that is different from ours. If we bump to the latest version, we are likely to sometimes "miss" the LTS branch in our LTS branch. Conversely, if we stick to only LTS, nobody is able to benefit from the features in the latest.

Examples of packages with this (or a similar) issue: qt5, python3, lxc

Python 2 deprecation plans

This was briefly discussed during the hackaton in August, but needs to be fleshed out a bit. Python 2 goes EOL soon. How will we approach it deprecation and eventual removal in Buildroot?

General Assembly of the Buildroot Association

  1. Moral report 2018
  2. Financial report 2018
  3. Election of chair and treasurer
  4. New members
  5. Funding for internships
  6. Brochure for sponsors