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Buildroot Developer Days, 5-7 February 2024, Brussels

The Buildroot Developer Days is a 3-day event for Buildroot developers and contributors. It allows Buildroot developers and contributors to discuss the hot topics in the Buildroot development, work on patches, and generally meet each other, facilitating further online discussions. Attending the event is free, after registration.

Location and date


The next Buildroot Developers meeting will take place on February 5, 6, 7 (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday), right after the FOSDEM 2024. You don't have to participate to all days of the meeting: you can attend just on Monday, or just Monday/Tuesday if you'd like.

The event is sponsored once again by Smile (thanks a lot!) and will take place at The Nestwork, located Avenue de Broqueville, 12, 1150 Bruxelles.


  1. Thomas Petazzoni, on all 3 days
  2. Peter Korsgaard, on all 3 days
  3. Arnout Vandecappelle, on all 3 days
  4. Yann E. MORIN, on all 3 days
  5. Romain Naour, on all 3 days
  6. Giulio Benetti, remotely on IRC on all 3 days
  7. Marcus Hoffmann, Monday and Tuesday
  8. Ismael Luceno, all 3 days

Who can attend ?

This meeting is opened to all Buildroot users and developers. The event is free. However, we make it clear that it is not a training event about Buildroot aimed at newcomers. It is a meeting for Buildroot developers to make progress about various topics in Buildroot. It is recommended to already be a Buildroot contributor or an existing Buildroot user willing to become a contributor to participate to the event.

Agenda of topics

  • General Assembly of the Buildroot Association
  • Sponsoring for LTS (Arnout)
  • Infrastructure (website, patchwork, autobuilders)