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= Mailing list =
= Mailing list =
* https://buildroot.org/lists/buildroot/
* Mailman server, maintained by osuosl.org
* Archive on gmane: http://dir.gmane.org/gmane.comp.lib.uclibc.buildroot
= Bug tracker =
= Bug tracker =
* https://bugs.buildroot.net/
* Bugzilla, hosted on buildroot/busybox/uclibc VM (osuosl.org)
* Maintained by Mike Frysinger
* Instance shared with busybox/uclibc
= Git repository =
= Git repository =

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Domain names

  • buildroot.org
    • Owner: Earl Levine
  • buildroot.net
    • Owner: Peter Korsgaard

Web site

  • Source in the main Buildroot Git repository, in docs/website/
  • Automatically pulled on the server by ???
  • Hosted by osuosl.org, VM shared with busybox/uclibc


  • http://autobuild.buildroot.org points to a machine hosted by User:ThomasPetazzoni, a dedicated server he is renting
  • This infrastructure tests random configurations
  • The site runs the code at https://git.buildroot.net/buildroot-test, in the web/ subdirectory. It is made of very ugly PHP code, backed by a MySQL database.
  • The autobuild.buildroot.org machine doesn't do any builds itself, it only collects build results that are HTTP POSTed by other machines, called build slaves
  • The build slaves run the Python script at https://git.buildroot.net/buildroot-test/tree/scripts/autobuild-run
  • Currently used build slaves:
    • Free Electrons build server, managed by ThomasPetazzoni
    • gcc10, gcc20 from the GCC compile farm, managed by Peter Korsgaard
    • ...
  • People having account to HTTP POST build results:
    • tpetazzoni
    • pkorsgaard
    • rbraun
    • nroach
    • mweber
    • mhadjinlian
    • jboibessot
    • vriera
    • gustavo
    • ymorin
    • ahentschel

Defconfig testing

  • A Github project at https://github.com/buildroot/buildroot-defconfig-testing has a .travis.yml file which describes how to build all the defconfigs.
  • This Github project is registered on Travis-CI.org at https://travis-ci.org/buildroot/buildroot-defconfig-testing.
  • Every two days, a cronjob that runs on User:ThomasPetazzoni dedicated server runs the update.sh shell script from the buildroot-defconfig-testing project, which:
    • Updates .travis.yml to use the latest commit of the Buildroot Git repository
    • Updates .travis.yml with the latest list of defconfigs
    • Push the result, which has the effect of triggering the build on Travis-CI.org
  • Notification of the build results is made on IRC, both on failure and success

Mailing list

Bug tracker

  • https://bugs.buildroot.net/
  • Bugzilla, hosted on buildroot/busybox/uclibc VM (osuosl.org)
  • Maintained by Mike Frysinger
  • Instance shared with busybox/uclibc

Git repository

  • The main Git repository is at https://git.buildroot.net/buildroot, hosted by osuosl.org
    • E-mail notification messages are sent to the mailing list using /git/hooks/send-email hosted by osuosl.org
    • IRC notification messages are posted using irkerbot (/git/hooks/post-receive) hosted by osuosl.org
  • A secondary Git repository is on Github at https://github.com/buildroot/buildroot
    • Mainly to have an official Github mirror, rather than only unofficial forks of Buildroot
    • Kept in sync with the main Git repository by a cronjob run every 10 minutes on ThomasPetazzoni dedicated server.


  • Mirror of (nearly?) all Buildroot tarballs/patches.
  • Runs on a dedicated server owned by Peter
  • Cronjob updating mirror every 2 hours doing make randconfig +
 make -k BR2_BACKUP_SITE= $(find -name \*.mk|sed 's|.*/\([^/]*\)\.mk|\1-source host-\1-source|')
  • Also generates nightly documentation for nightly.buildroot.net every 6 hours:
 make manual-html manual-pdf manual-text