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In an effort to follow the Python2 deprecation on the 1st of January 2020, here is a listing of current Buildroot packages that depend on Python2 (as of master during the Buildroot developer days at ELCE2019)

Non Python packages

These packages integrate with Python2: either they contain scripts written in Python, or they install Python libraries as byproducts.

  • alsa-lib (install Python module with option BR2_PACKAGE_ALSA_LIB_PYTHON): To be tested
  • crudini: currently in v0.9, can be bumped to 0.9.3 which adds py3 support
  • dstat: currently in v0.7.3, can be bumped to v0.7.4 which adds py3 support
  • fail2ban: at a first glance, does not seem to support Python3 !
  • gdb: seems to be compatible with both Python 2 and 3, but not sure since which version
  • gnuradio: currently in v3.7.13.5, can be bumped to v3.8+ which supports Python 3
  • jailhouse: no clear indication, but there are some signs towards Python 3 support (
  • Kodi: Upstream announces an ongoing effort to move to Python3 in the upcoming v19: Only Python2 for now !
  • libdnet: latest release v1.11 dates back from 2005, and only talks about Py2.3 or 2.4. There is most probably no Python3 support, because the latter was released in 2008
  • nmap: the ndiff utility is still tied to Python2, syntactically incompatible with Python3
  • pcm-tools: the pmu-query script is still tied to Python2, syntactically incompatible with Python3
  • supervisor: currently in v3.1.4, support for Python3 was added in v4.0.0 (

Python packages

(TBD) These packages are Python libraries that can then be imported by Python scripts

Python in the build system

These packages use Python in their build process (hence requiring host-python)

  • norm: Uses the waf buildsystem. While waf itself now runs on Python3, the wscript is syntactically invalid in Python 3
  • jack2: Nearly the same as norm, but fails on a weird StopIteration error