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A short guide, basically copy/paste from mailing list.

Patches should be sent to mailing list.

Configure Git

Configure your name and e-mail. This needs to be only once, if configured with --global. If you want to use some other settings for buildroot project, you first need to clone buildroot repository and then use these same commands without --global keyword.

git config --global "Firstname Lastname"
git config --global firstname.lastname at

And tell git how to send emails :

git config --global sendemail.smtpserver mysmtpserver

And to avoid chained reply :

git config --global sendemail.chainreplyto false

Basic workflow

  1. Clone (to be done only once)
  2. Configure Git, if not done already
  3. Create a branch to work on your topic (to be done for every separate topic you'd like to work with)
    • git checkout -b mytopic
      • Note that this also switches immediatly to the new mytopic branch. You can run 'git branch' at any time to know on which branch you are.
  4. Make some modifications, for one particuler subtopic (like adding the vala compiler)
  5. Commit those modifications
  6. git commit -s -a
    • And enter an appropriate commit log.
      • If you created new files, add them with "git add".
  7. Review your changes
    • git log -p master..
  8. Prepare patches for your changes
    • git format-patch master
      • This will generate a set of 000X-*.patch files in the Buildroot directory
  9. Send your patches to the list
    • git send-email --to buildroot at --compose *.patch
  10. All done