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Patches should be sent to mailing list.

Configure Git

Configure your name and e-mail. This needs to be only once, if configured with --global. If you want to use some other settings for buildroot project, you first need to clone buildroot repository and then use these same commands without --global keyword.

git config --global "Firstname Lastname"
git config --global firstname.lastname at

And tell git how to send emails

git config --global sendemail.smtpserver mysmtpserver

And to avoid chained reply

git config --global sendemail.chainreplyto false

Basic workflow

Clone (to be done only once)

git clone git://

Configure Git, if not done already

Create a branch to work on your topic (to be done for every separate topic you'd like to work with)

git checkout -b mytopic
  • Note that this also switches immediatly to the new mytopic branch. You can run 'git branch' at any time to know on which branch you are.

Make some modifications, for one particuler subtopic (like adding the vala compiler)

If you created new files, add them

git add file_you_just_created

Commit those modifications and enter an appropriate commit log.

git commit -s -a

Review your changes

git log -p master..

Prepare patches for your changes, this will generate a set of 000X-*.patch files in the Buildroot directory

git format-patch master

Send your patches to the list

git send-email --to buildroot at --compose *.patch

All done

In case of mistakes in my branch

If while reviewing your commits you find that you need to merge some of them (because you did some mistakes that you fixed later and you don't want the world to know about your mistakes), then you have to use the rebasing feature of git

git rebase -i master

Git will open up a text editor with the list of your commits. You can edit this file to change the order of the commits, or to change the action taken on a particular commit (see the file itself for documentation on those actions).

pick SOMEGITHASH package: add foobar
pick SOMEGITHASH package: add barfoo
pick SOMEGITHASH I did something wrong in add foobar, merge me

So obviously you want the last commit to be merged into the first one, so that nobody knows you did some mistakes during your development. So, turn those three lines into the following ones

pick SOMEGITHASH package: add foobar
fixup SOMEGITHASH I did something wrong in add foobar, merge me
pick SOMEGITHASH package: add barfoo

And exit the text editor. Git will reorganize your commits, and you'll end up with just two commits.