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Yocto Buildsystem

Migrating to Yocto: A guide and lessons learned

Presenter: Muhammad Tauqir Ahmad, Cisco Meraki
Summary Presenters take you through the journey of migrating from an old, legacy, unmaintained build systems
and to a modern build system. The session talks about the lessons learned along the way including the
technical challenges like supporting proprietary software on Yocto, verifying correctness of the builds
produced by the new build system, accommodating the various use cases,as well as human aspects of such a
large migration like getting buy-in from stakeholders, documenting process and maintenance

Sweeten your Yocto Build Times with Icecream

Presenter:Joshua Watt, Garmin International
Summary Yocto takes a considerable amount of time to build complex systems and hence, a lot of time is spent waiting
for builds to complete.One method of accelerating these builds is to use a distributed compiler such as Icecream.
The presenter discusses the current state of Icecream support in Yocto, pros and cons of using Icecream, typical
configurations, as well as tips, tricks, and quirks he has learned while using Icecream.

Working with the Linux Kernel in the Yocto Project

Presenter:Sean Hudson, The Yocto Project
Summary The slides cover an example recipe to add the Kernel to the build and talks about the best practices
and the work flows to create a custom kernel for their distribution. The talk also explores the development
cycle of creating a new kernel configuration and integrating it fully back into the platform.


Top 3 pains in professional use of bitbake

Presenter: Klaas van Gend
Summary This presentation will give an idea about the usage of bitbake for OpenEmbedded platforms and
Bitbake fits professional use better than “Linux from Scratch” and how community knowledge can
be leveraged


Buildroot V/s OpenEmbedded/Yocto: A Four Hands Discussion

Presenter: Alexandre Belloni & Thomas Petazzoni, Free Electrons
Summary This presentation compares the general philosophy, output, configuration, layers, tool-chains, packages and
complexity of both build-root and Yocto for Embedded Linux platforms