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Work on Tiny Linux Kernel

Write a non-GPL replacement for Busybox
Tim Bird


Busybox is a widely used program which implements several Linux command line utilities in a single, multi-tool binary. It is provided under the GPL license. Due to it's utility and ubiquity, it has been used in a very large number of embedded devices. This includes use by companies who are not as diligent about their GPL commitments as they should be.

Busybox is arguably the most litigated piece of GPL software in the world. Unfortunately, it is unclear what the remedy should be when a GPL violation occurs with busybox. Litigants have sometimes requested remedies outside the scope of busybox itself, such as review authority over unrelated products, or right of refusal over non-busybox modules. This causes concern among chip vendors and suppliers.

The purpose of this project is to produce a program that is as capable and useful as busybox for a large majority of embedded Linux projects, such that busybox is easy to replace in existing products and can be supplanted as the default choice for a multi-tool program in most new projects.


Contractor Candidates

Rob Landley

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