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== Deadline ==
== Deadline ==
The deadline for bid submittal is March 20, 2011.
The deadline for bid submittal is April 1, 2011.

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This page has instructions for individuals or companies wishing to bid on CELF contractor projects.

Please review the CELF project proposals for this year (2011) at: Project Proposals for 2011

Information about CELF's overall 2011 project selection process is at: CELF Open Project Proposal 2011

Bid Contents

A bid should provide the following information:

  • Your name, or the name of the company submitting the bid
  • Contact information (e-mail is sufficient)
  • Cost, which can be either:
    • An estimate of the number of hours required to complete the project, along with your cost, per hour, to perform the work, OR
    • An estimate to complete the full project
  • Your availability:
    • when you can start
    • how much time per week you can work on the project
  • Description of work issues with the project. This can include:
    • possible problems which would increase or delay the work (risks)
    • possible milestones, if the project spans more than a few weeks
    • possible acceptance criteria for the work (that is, how to validate that the work was done satisfactorily)

Contact Address

Please send inquiries and bids to the following e-mail address:

 project-proposal (at) tree.celinuxforum.org


The deadline for bid submittal is April 1, 2011.