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The Consumer Electronics Workgroup (CE WG) is a workgroup in the Linux Foundation focused on the advancement of Linux as an open source platform for consumer electronics (CE) devices. The CE Workgroup is dedicated to advancing Linux through sharing information and coordinating technical activities between members and with the larger open source community. The CE WG employs contractors to work on specific projects to enhance Linux for embedded use. All work produced by CE WG and it's contractors is available under open source licenses. Also, the CE WG also hosts several conferences each year to disseminate information about Linux-related progress made by companies and individuals. The CE WG is also a sponsor of the embedded Linux wiki (this wiki).

This Workgroup was formed in 2011 in the Linux Foundation from the companies that made up the former [[CE Linux Forum].




CELF funds a variety of contract work each year. They are soliciting proposals for contracting projects for 2013 at:

Past projects: